HOW TO: Have the best concert experience EVER (Part 2)

What to wear…

For fall, winter or spring concerts: It’s best to wear a warm jacket (American Apparel hoodies are great for concerts—they’re warm and fuzzy inside, but aren’t bulky) with a light, short-sleeved shirt or tank top underneath. Wear jeans or leggings (something you’re able to jump in), and closed toed shoes. If you’re like me and you wait 4-5 hours in advance outside of a venue to try to get front row, you’ll be happy to have a jacket when you’re outside waiting in line during the cold seasons. Once you’re inside the venue, though, things heat up. Make sure you’re able to either bag check your jacket, or tie it around your waist.


In April, I went to see the 1975 with my friends. We got there 3-4 hours prior to when doors opened and waited in the rain, but it was worth it—we were second row!


Bags and purses: Stick with the smallest bag you can find. Not only will this help if the venue examines your bag before you head into the show (the process will go much quicker with a small bag, which gives you more time to run to the front), but it will be much easier to jump and dance to your favorite songs without a bulky bag weighing you down. Below is a picture of  the one I take with me when headed to a concert.


Take only the essentials—your ticket, ID, money for band merch, phone, earplugs (for those of you that like to be up close and personal with the band–and the speakers!), and your camera.

For summer and outdoor concerts: Bring as little as possible. These concerts get extremely hot. Ditch your jacket, and stick with light clothing. Avoid sandals. These kind of concerts are the worst place to have your toes stepped on.


During the summer of 2013, I saw Passenger live in Portland. That was one of the best summer concerts I’ve attended.

 Stay tuned for Part 3, where I’ll give tips on what you should (and shouldn’t do) at a concert in order to have a great time!

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