HOW TO: Get Your Favorite Singer To Follow/Tweet You

Bsh8DFlCcAAT8SYThe most frustrating thing about being a dedicated fan of a band or singer: not being able to tell to them how much they mean to you. That’s where Twitter comes in handy! In our generation, we are very lucky to have Twitter so we shower our favorite singers with tweets of adoration and support. But because so many fans are doing this, it can be very difficult to get your favorite singer to notice your tweets to them. Their mentions are flooded with fans, and tweeting them and getting no reply or follow back can leave you feeling frustrated and somewhat hopeless.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from lack-of-tweets-from-your-favorite-singer-or-band-syndrome (haha, just kidding), and I’m here to help! I’ve complied a list of a couple of things you can do to increase your chances of getting noticed by your faves. I also asked my friend and fellow fangirl, Karen Le, for some of her tips and tricks, since she gets tweeted/followed by her favorite singers quite frequently. So don’t lose hope of getting noticed by your fave–read on!

Don’t spam. Copying and pasting the same message and sending it to your favorite singer or band on Twitter (Example: “hi, my name is Sophie. Please follow me,” over and over again) may seem like a good idea, but it’s not as effective as you may think. Celebrities are people too–they get annoyed when people spam them.

Karen says, “Spamming works occasionally…and by occasionally I mean hardly ever! Sure, it may catch your fave’s attention, but they probably won’t appreciate being flooded by 100 x number spam. Instead, simple tweets that you send every 2-3 minutes are fine. If the singer is looking at their timeline, chances are they’ll prefer to respond to that rather than spam.”

BsYKovSIcAASj2zBe funny! Sending a tweet about how much you adore your favorite singer is great, but don’t spend all your time tweeting them the same old thing! (Plus, they get that a lot.) Mix it up a bit; say something witty, tell a joke, or attach a silly picture they might enjoy. (Then, sneak in the “ILY!” at the end of the tweet!) You might get a super funny or sweet reply back! Karen agrees: “people on Twitter sometimes sound like robots after a while of repeating the same thing that everyone else is saying. I’ve had luck getting a follow or a tweet back when I send something cheeky. Tweet about something your fave is interested in–they’ll be prompted to reply!”

nath karen

Karen got a reply from Nathan with this cute tweet to him!

Tweet them something you made. Bands and singers are so touched when you take time out of your day to create something for them or about them. Whether that’s a drawing you created of them, a bracelet with their name on it, or simply a collage, tweet them a picture of it! Recently, I created this small collage (below) and message for one of my favorite singers, Nathan Sykes. I tweeted it to him a few times (but didn’t spam) and an hour later, he surprised me with a follow!

BsZGLM7CIAAZ4mgnath follow








Help your friends and others who are looking to be noticed. First of all, this is good fangirl karma. If you help others, you have more of a chance of them helping you in the future. Simply tweeting the singer someone’s username a few times, retweeting someone trying to get noticed, or direct messaging (if the singer follows you) them to tweet one of your friends is an easy way for you to help fellow fans out. Karen says, “If you help other people out, they’ll definitely help you out at some point. After all, it’s those people and your friends that you fangirl with once you finally get that tweet or follow from your favorite singer!”

Have any more tips about getting a tweet/follow from your fave band or singer? Share them with me below!

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