image 3 words that describe this band: talented, sincere, and hilarious! Last Monday, I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting  these 4 lovely boys from Manchester: Charley, Jake, Danny, and Lewi, also known as RIXTON! In 2012, Rixton formed under the name “Relics.” They changed their name to “Rixton” shortly after though, when they discovered someone else owned the name “Relics.” Rixton first started their music career on YouTube, uploading videos of themselves covering popular songs. Watch my favorite cover they’ve done, Neyo’s “Let Me Love You,” here! (They look so young in this video!)

Since starting their YouTube, their fanbase (#Rixters) has grown and spread all over the world. Now, they are signed with Scooter Braun, and the boys just finished their #brokenheartedtour across the UK & America. Fans everywhere love them for their charm, sincere love and appreciation towards their fans, and amazing talent. Janelle, a #Rixter from Seattle says, “I found them through a link to their cover of Poison a year and a half ago, and I have loved them since– they have such true talent!”

I got to see Rixton perform in a small, acoustic venue with my friend (where I see a lot of my faves, haha), and ended up being second row! During the show, Rixton played two covers: “Ignition,” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” They also performed two of their own songs, “Me and My Broken Heart,” and their new single,”Wait On Me.” They sounded incredible! They were so engaging with the audience, and the whole show felt like we were all having conversations with the boys mixed with them playing songs. They had us singing along, clapping, and even laughing so hard my stomach hurt. I loved that they all play an instrument as well as sing; that’s one quality I always love to see in a band. Check out a few clips I put together from the show here!

imageMy friend & I meeting Rixton!

During one part of the show, they did a “Question and Answer With Rixton,” segment, and my friend and I worked up the courage to raise our hands and ask the boys a question! Check out the video here. (Jake nicknamed us the Olsen Twins since we both asked the question, haha!) After the show and meet and greet (where they were very sweet and gave my friend and I big hugs), we waited outside and got a few selfies/talked to the boys. (Check out my selfies below–you’ll spot Danny photo-bombing in one of them). Overall, it was a super fun day. Rixton are so talented, and it makes me happy to see them getting so much attention this past year!

IMG_6655 IMG_6651 IMG_6646 IMG_6640


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Listen to their latest single here.

See what silliness they’ve been up to lately here.

LISTEN UP: James Bay

James Bay

(My “Listen Up” posts cover my favorite artists, as well as new bands and singers.)

img_4428My photo of James from summer 2013

He wears awesome hats, and has an incredible singing voice. What else do you need in life? This 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Hitchin, UK is James Bay, a musician whose voice is guaranteed to give you chills. His raw talent, mixed with his humble attitude toward his success makes him one of my favorite artists.

James Bay at the House Of Blues AnaheimIn July of last year, James released his debut EP “The Dark Of The Morning,” which you can get here. What’s so unique about this album is that the whole thing is acoustic. I love the style of James’ voice, and you will too. His gravely, authentic tone leaves audiences captivated with his music. Check out my favorite song by James, “When We Were On Fire,” here. (Honestly, it’s really hard to pick a favorite song of James’ from this album. I also adore Move Together, and Need The Sun To Break.) (Photo on the left by Justin Higuchi.)

I first saw James in Oregon when he toured with singer ZZ Ward as one of her opening acts (I talked about him in one of my previous posts.) He performed a few of the songs off his debut album, and I instantly loved every one. After that, he was giving out his EP for free, so my friend grabbed one for each of us. He even signed it, which was so cool!  Since then, I’ve played this album over and over again on my iPod.

img_4430James Bay recently released his second EP, “Let It Go.” It has a hint of country to it, and is a little more upbeat compared to his last EP, but it still possesses the unique style and talent that defines James. Check out “If You Ever Want To Be In Love,” from his new EP!

If you listen to artists like Foy Vance, Passenger, and Ed Sheeran, you’ll love James. Check out his social media/music/info below!

Tweet James here.

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4 YouTube Singers/Bands To Check Out This Summer

musicEvery band/singer has to start somewhere, and for some, the perfect way to start is by creating a YouTube channel. In our generation, we find lots of our favorite artists through sites like Pandora and YouTube. What’s so great about YouTube is that it’s available to anyone, and singers and bands who are trying to start a career in music are able to upload their own videos and receive instant feedback. I did a little research, then asked YOU on Twitter (Tweet me: @SophersC) to send me suggestions of singers and bands you’ve been watching who are starting out their music career on YouTube. Here are 4 channels that you have to check out this summer!

1. Only The Young (Suggested by Chelsey)

OTUThis up-and-coming YouTube pop group from the UK describes themselves as a “loveable, cheeky, fresh faced foursome,” and they are taking the internet by storm. They joined YouTube in 2013, and since then have played alongside huge artists such as Jessie J, The Wanted, McFly & The Vamps. (A few of my absolute faves!) They’re fun personality really comes through in their covers of popular songs they upload. Check out their cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar,” here, and tweet to them how much you like it here!

2. Tanner Patrick (Suggested by Karen)

tannerThis 24-year-old singer-songwriter cutie from L.A started putting up videos on YouTube in 2011, and since then has gained over 500,000 subscribers. His music reminds me a bit of Owl City! Check out his latest song, “Drifting Away,” & browse his channel here. Fan and subscriber, Karen, says, “I like watching Tanner because he’s creative; he transforms song covers into pieces that sound like his own!”

3. Jess Sykes

JessFollowing in the footsteps of her talented big bro (Nathan Sykes), Jess Sykes’ incredible voice is one that you need to hear this summer. She puts a twist on all of the songs she covers, and her passionate, soulful tone will lead you to like her version even better than the original. Check out her latest cover, “Rude,” by MAGIC! here.

4. Molly Kate Kestner


A couple of months ago, this video of 18-year-old Youtuber Molly Kestner singing her original song, “His Daughter” went viral in 178 countries. This song is so amazing and it literally gave me goosebumps. Not only is her voice flawless, but the song tells an incredible story that you can’t help but get sucked into. Since her video going viral, she’s gotten crazy popular on YouTube with over 220,000 subscribers, and she even performed on Good Morning America. I absolutely love the sound of her voice. Check out her channel here & make sure to buy “His Daughter” on iTunes!


 (All photos are from the YouTuber’s channels)