HOW TO: Meet Your Favorite Bands & Singers (Part 1)

imageMy two fangirl best friends waiting outside of our favorite band’s tour bus!

When an artist I love makes a trip to my city, I try my very best to meet them. I love being able to show them how much I appreciate their music, and it’s so much fun to see them in real life. If your favorite band or singer is coming to your city and you are determined to meet them, find out how you can with these tips and secrets. (Results may vary!)

3255575238_64f2e5bb08_oUse Twitter. This is my main tool when I’m trying to meet an artist. Follow the band on Twitter that you’re trying to meet, and check their page through out the day. If you’re lucky and the artist tends to tweet a lot, you might be able to figure out where they currently are in your city, and you’ll know where to go. They may tweet a picture of them eating at a restaurant you are familiar with, (I know, this sounds like borderline stalking…), or simply a picture of them outside the venue they’re performing in. Also, search Twitter for keywords when you’re trying to find the band you want to meet. Example: Search “Ellie Goulding Chicago, Illinois,” on the Twitter search page. People who may have met her earlier that day (or even a few minutes ago) may pop up, in which case you can tweet them and ask where they found Ellie. You may also find people tweeting information about where she might be later.

(Twitter photo by keiyac)

TIP: Although other people tweeting info is super helpful, try to avoid doing the same. Less of a crowd=more time for you to talk to your fave.

1377197_541694822569731_102313675_nWait outside the venue, and spot the tour buses. The best time meet a singer or band outside the venue is before a concert. The artist won’t be as tired, and things won’t be as hectic—most people wait for the artist after the show, not before, so there could be less people. If you spot the artist, make sure you call out to them (politely!) by name. They might come over and take some selfies with you if they see you’re passionate about meeting them. (Left picture: Colton Ruldolph from Midnight Red & I outside of a concert venue.)

Finding the tour buses is really helpful if you can manage it. The artist will most likely be hanging out around it, so you’ll have a good chance of meeting them.

TIP: If there is a rope or barrier around the tour bus, don’t cross it. You don’t want to get kicked out by security. (I’ve had personal experience with this, but didn’t get kicked out haha–I was just really determined to meet The Wanted…)

imageI met Nathan Sykes from The Wanted outside of their tour bus!

FAQ: Should I try to meet bands and singers in airports? Some artists are okay with you meeting them in airports after they’ve gotten off a flight (5SOS, The Wanted, & Demi Lovato to name a few), but some aren’t. They’re tired and just want to get to their hotels, so give them space. If you meet any singer at an airport, make sure you ask before trying to get a picture with them. I’ve heard about situations where an artist will get irritated with fans who immediately assume they will take a picture with them without asking.


Follow the fangirls. If you spot other fans who look like they know what they’re doing in terms of trying to meet (*cough* or stalk) an artist, watch and listen to them. They usually know where to go. It may help to befriend them, but don’t push it. Fangirls are determined when it comes to meeting their faves, and they DON’T want to be used.

Enter in contests. You know those radio contests you think you’ll never win—the ones where they give away chances to meet a band or singer? Here’s a big secret: you can win. Through these types of contests, fans meet their favorite bands and singers. If you hear about this type of contest and you like the artist, ENTER IN IT! You never know what might happen unless you try.

 166740_454171931322021_2022522688_nMy friend & I met Ed Sheeran through a radio contest in 2013.

Stay tuned for PART 2, where I will give some tips on what to do and say when you meet an artist you love!


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