My Favorite Album Covers

I love album artwork. I’m a very visual person, so if an album cover looks cool to me, it’s likely that I’ll pick it up and check out the music. I work at a CD/record store, so I spend a lot of time browsing through interesting CD and vinyl covers. One of the main reasons I love buying CDs & having physical copies of my favorite music is because of the artwork. Here are a few of my favorite album covers!

600 CapitalCities_TidalWave_FINAL

pasenger 61JDXDH7Q8L

The-Who-Quadrophenia-417466 led-zep-iv

album_coverphotos_streetview_04 war kites

1. U2–Rattle And Hum

2. Capital Cities —Inatidal Wave Of Mystery

3. Passenger–Whispers

4. Guster–Ganging Up On the Sun

5. The Who–Quadrophenia

6. Led Zeppelin–Led Zeppelin IV

7. Oasis–What’s the Story Morning Glory?

8. War Kites–Skinny Dipping In the Koi Pond

Ever wondered where the picture on your favorite album cover was taken? If you want to see 10 classic album covers in Google Street view, click here! It’s super cool.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

tapesFor my first birthday, my uncle gave me a cassette tape he had made of some of his favorite rock songs. As soon as I was old enough to play it on my Fisher Price tape recorder, I listened to it every day. The songs on that tape bring back memories of being a preschooler, dressed up in my purple cape on a sunny Saturday morning as my sister and I danced along to the tape in our living room. Additionally, they bring back memories of the summer I was 10, where I pulled my hair back into a sloppy pony-tail, grabbed my tape recorder, and blasted the tape from the basket of my bike as I pedaled down the block. All through middle school, while my friends were listening to Shakira and Avril Lavigne, I was listening to my tape. (Of course, at one point I went through the Taylor Swift phase like most people, but the songs my uncle had given me were always my favorites.) I wore out that tape until I was 13, when it finally broke.

(Photo by Slave Unit)

Songs are so powerful. One of the reasons I have such a passion for music is because I love that songs have the ability to instantly take you back to a particular day, season, or year. When I listen to a song I loved when I was little, it triggers memories of smells, lighting, emotions, and precious moments.

Below is a list of some of the songs my uncle included on the tape he made me 17 years ago, as well as a few other songs I love from my childhood. (Follow/listen to my childhood playlist on Spotify here.)

Feel free to tweet me (@SophersC) or comment below: What were your favorite songs/albums as a kid?

Songs from my uncle’s rock tape:

We’re A Happy Family — The Ramones

Fire Brigade — The Liquor Giants

The Wooden Song — Butthole Surfers

(She’s) Sexy + 17 — Stray Cats

Three Little Birds — Bob Marley & The Wailers

Something+Special+001  4

                  (Fun fact…that clown is my dad!)

Other songs I loved (and still love):

Satellite — Guster

Wonderwall — Oasis

Superman (It’s Not Easy) — Five For Fighting

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic –The Police

Growing On Me — The Darkness

One Less Set Of Footsteps — Jim Croce

Take A Picture — Filter

Operator — Jim Croce

Jim+Croce+Greatest+Hits   police_every_little_thing

P.S. If you’re reading this, thanks Uncle Chris! 🙂