An Interview With Falling Through April

FTA 4Falling Through April

Last week, I chatted over email with a band who “blurs the lines of the most intriguing sound of rock and alternative music from the 90’s through today.” They are Falling Through April (FTA), a five-piece from Charlotte, NC. FTA has toured with The Pretty Reckless (Razor & Tie) and Adelita’s Way (Virgin), performed at the 2014 Warped Tour, and released their brand new EP “Risks And Rewards” on iTunes last January. Read on to get a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of this edgy alternative band. I asked about their inspirations, new album, and what might happen if they were to switch bodies with each other for a day!

A Perfect Playlist: How/when did the band get started?

Falling Through April (Dave): The band started in July 2011. Myself and our original vocalist, Cory, were the first two members to get this project going. We were in another band together and things were falling apart and we wanted to keep pursuing music. So we started Falling Through April.

APP: How would you describe your sound?

FTA 1FTA (Dan): Our music is like a mix of modern alternative meets 90’s alternative. We were all inspired by the incredible wave of 90’s alternative era. Bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Offspring, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Weezer (one of our faves), etc. We’re not trying to be like any of those bands but it’s what we grew up on and listened to heavily when we first started playing our instruments.

APP: How do you become inspired to write a song?

FTA: (Dan): It depends really. I honestly have melodies and song ideas floating around my head all the time. I could be standing in line and all of a sudden I get an idea. Sometimes I write songs in the bathroom, haha. I really just depends.

APP: How did you think of the name Falling Through April for the band?

FTA 2FTA (Jim): ‘Fertility Thermometers’ was taken so we just went with the first couple of words we could put together.

APP: Who were some of your musical inspirations as kids, and who are they now?

FTA (Taylor): Jose from Incubus was a huge inspiration for me. Still is. I have a lot of respect for his style and skill.

(Dan): We have a bunch between us but people like Joe Bonamassa, Victor Wooten, Dean DeLeo, Danny Carey, Sia..too many to list.

APP: If each of you could switch bodies with someone in the band, who would switch with who and why?

FTA: (Dan): Probably…Dave. Because he’s so loud and bastardly. I want to know what it’s like to be loud and bastardly.

(Matt): Jim. For reasons we won’t speak out loud.

FTA 6APP: What is one successful song you’ve heard that you wish you would’ve written?

(Matt): None, we might not appreciate how amazing those songs are if we wrote them.

APP: Dream collab?

(Dan): Hayley Williams. So much respect for how awesome of a vocalist she is.

(Dave): Red Hot Chili Peppers.

(Taylor): Incubus.

(Jim): Alice Cooper.

(Matt): Panic! at the Disco.

              Rhcp9    If_not_now_when_album_cover

APP: Do you have any advice for bands/singers who are just starting a career in music and trying to build a fanbase?

(Dan): Hard work, hard work, hard work, and more hard work. Do not stop touring, promoting, networking, doing anything and everything you can to get your name out. If you believe in your band…and I mean really believe in your band not just hope something is going to land in your lap then you will reach your goal. Just be realistic. Treat your band like a business – if you have a bad business partner a.k.a. band mate – cut him loose. You’re only as strong as your weakest link. If someone is holding you back, you need to decide whether you want to be stuck at that level or if you want to move on.

APP: Anything else you want to say to readers of A Perfect Playlist?

(Dave): Thanks for taking the time to read through our interview. Much love to all of you. Please help spread the word and pick up a copy of our brand new EP “Risks & Rewards” out on iTunes, Amazon, etc. right now!


Thanks so much, guys!

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LISTEN UP: Amber Run

Amber Run

19039153581_8401391d47_oI was stalking people on Instagram a few weeks ago (oh, please–you do it too, haha) when I stumbled across a few videos of a new-ish band called Amber Run, who formed in Nottingham, UK, back in 2012. After getting lost in their EPs on Spotify, I soon discovered that this is the kind of band that you can easily listen to on repeat for hours. (Photo by Paul Hudson.)

If you listen to Bastille, you’ll adore Amber Run…because they sound pretty similar. Like Bastille, each of Amber Run’s songs seems to tell a story. And whether the song is about falling in love, partying in the middle of the day, or wondering what the meaning of life is, each song drew me in as the band members’ amazing harmonies (seriously, they’re incredible) and killer guitar solos filled my headphones. (Photos below by MangakaMaiden Photography.)

.     18462343213_c8c7957a9c_o      18895295840_09837abd5e_o

Amber Run is made up of Felix, Will, Joe, Tom & Henry, who, while all studying at University of Nottingham, decided to form a band. (Good choice, boys.) Since then, they’ve toured with some big names in music like Kodaline and Lewis Watson, released 3 EPs (Spark, Pilot & Noah), toured the U.K. a bit, and finished recording their debut album, which will be available on April 27th of this year. (Photo below by Paul Hudson.)


Something I really love about this band: their diverse song style. Amber Run can go from singing a slow, sleepy and mysterious lullaby, to an upbeat, energetic, makes-you-want-to-sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs tune. My favorites they’ve released are Heaven, Thank You, Just My Soul Responding (the most Bastille-esque one) & I Found. I’ll admit it: I’ve definitely blasted a few of these in my kitchen when I was home alone, and sang every word at the top of my lungs.

Check out my all time favorite song of theirs below: Heaven. Something about the ending of this song gives me chills. Their harmonies are perfect, and it’s as if they are singing straight into your ears.

I’d love to see Amber Run live one day. (If you’re reading this guys, do a huge tour in America!) I’ve been browsing through some videos of their live performances on YouTube, and their energy on stage is awesome.

If you live in the U.K., Amber Run may be coming to an area near you. Check out their tour schedule below, and go for me! (And make sure you tweet me the entire experience start to finish.)


Amber Run’s social media: