My Most Favorite Place

Feeling grateful for all the amazing things this particular place has given me, so I thought I’d write a lil post about it. Random, happy thoughts. Hope you enjoy, and that it inspires you to continue to pursue your passions! xox

During my sophomore year of high school, I discovered a place called the Skype Live Studio, an intimate concert venue located in the downtown area of my hometown. I had won tickets to see and meet one of my favorite singers, Ed Sheeran, with my best friend Beth from our local radio station. After walking through the lounge door for the first time, I had no idea how much this experience would truly impact my life, and help me decide what I might want to do with my future.

IMG_6459 A typical show at the lounge consists of the artist performing two to three songs (usually new stuff, especially if they have a new record), a short interview, and then a meet and greet. What may surprise you is that my favorite part of going to shows at the lounge is listening to the interview with the artist. The shows are usually hosted by a DJ from one of my local radio stations, so it’s always cool to see them in real-life and up close, interviewing the artists. I always pay close attention to the questions and comments that the DJ brings up during the interview–I love getting ideas for my own interviews with bands for a new blog post. After my first experience at the lounge, I was hooked. After that, I started seeing and meeting artists there monthly. It served as a perfect opportunity for me to pursue my passion for music in an active way–not only was I was getting to see the artists perform their music in an extremely intimate setting that sounded unreal, but getting to meet them afterwards was truly magical for me. (Right: my friend and I got signed posters from Ed Sheeran at the lounge!)

CBl_SY3UgAEWWiYIn the future, I’m interested in working in radio (possibly public relations for a station), or being involved in the music industry in some way. Coming to the Skype Lounge has been a perfect opportunity for me to not only get a taste of the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into radio jobs, but has also allowed me to make connections with people who are currently working in the field I’d like to pursue. I have met so many incredible staff members at the lounge, as well as a few incredibly kind, fun, and helpful radio DJs, who have become some of my close friends. (Talking about you, Raleigh!)

10672365_726389130766965_681008246505485377_nMeeting artists through the lounge has been a life-changing experience for me. Not only has it been incredible to finally meet a few of the artists I’ve listened to since I was little, but it’s also really pushed me to become more of an outgoing person. I’ve hugged, had conversations with, and laughed with artists like Nathan Sykes, Ed Sheeran, and George Ezra over the last few years, which is incredible for me look back on. I tend to be more an anxious, shy person, so people often wouldn’t expect me to do this type of thing. But the reality is that I’m so passionate about music that when it comes to meeting my favorite artists, I’ll do whatever it takes. Sometimes when I’m nervous about something important I have to do, or just trying something new, I think to myself: you met Ed Sheeran…and you didn’t faint. You can do THIS. 😉 (Left: meeting The Kooks with a few friends. I’m in the middle!)

mentionThis special place has benefited me so much–I wrote my college essay on the lounge and my experiences there, and the confidence and determination I’ve accrued from my many visits even lead me down the path to my very first job at my favorite record store. Now, I’m college, working towards a degree in journalism. Like I said, I’d love to work in radio or for the music industry is some way. I am currently volunteering at the radio station on my campus, which is a blast. So far, I’ve been reviewing CDs, and contributing to the station’s music blog! (Update 4/24/16: Thanks for posting about my blog, Skype Live Studio! See right.)

Recently, the Skype Live Lounge, this place that has meant so much to me over the past five years, turned five years old! They asked me to submit a video message chatting a little bit about why I love the Skype Live studio, so here it is. You can catch me at 1:28, 2:07, and 3:42 of the video. (Plus, I’m the video’s thumbnail…woo!)

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