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I’ve been listening to a lot of old and new singles lately, and focusing less on spinning full albums at a time. They all differ in style and sound–from slow, dreary tunes, to loud, 80’s inspired tracks that are great to dance to–this month, I’ve compiled a playlist of quirky favorites I’ve been mixing and matching!

500x500“No Answers” by Amber Run

Amber Run has quickly become one of my favorite bands since I discovered them last year. With a sound similar to Bastille and Kodaline, their latest single, “No Answers” features a slow buildup of bass and deep, trembling drum accompanied by the band’s trademark chime-like guitar riffs. The band released this single at the beginning of this month in anticipation of their sophomore album “For A Moment, I Was Lost,” which you can listen to on February 10th of 2017!

sing-street-soundtrack“Up” by Sing Street (soundtrack)

This single is from the 2016 musical-comedy film “Sing Street,” which follows a young teenage boy in 80’s Ireland. Connor, the main character and lead singer of the band (Sing Street), forms a band in an attempt to impress a girl. He ends up finding himself as an artist, standing up to a few bullies, and forming a unique group of friends. The music in this movie is FANTASTIC. Way better than I expected it to be. The first song of the movie, “Riddle Of the Model,” is silly and anticipated (it’s the band’s first song), but you can’t help but sing along to it after a while. Following this scene, the band’s second song, “Up” blew me away. Sung by Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, a 17-year-old Irish singer-songwriter, the song is so well-written and beautifully sung with a satisfying chorus that keeps you coming back for more. Honestly, I wish the song was longer. Check out the scene where the band performs “Up” here! (Seriously, click it.)

tumblr_md4628ckrm1qa7dyho1_1280“Undo” by The 1975

I love going back to old tracks by The 1975, my favorite band. This one, which was released on the band’s (deluxe) debut record back in 2013 as well as  their “Sex” EP, is simply hypnotizing. I recently watched the group’s full live performance at the London O2 presented by Vevo, and was reminded of how much I adore this single. (If you’ve got two hours to spare, check out the video of the band’s show here. Worth it.) This is a perfect song to simply space out to, absorb, and get lost in.

artworks-000148699541-wmccqy-t500x500“She Burns” by Foy Vance

I had the privilege of seeing and meeting singer Foy Vance for the second time this past summer, and as usual, he did not disappoint. Foy’s live shows are emotional and raw, and his dialogue in between songs with the crowd is funny, witty, and so beautifully Irish. This song, “She Burns” features a perfect array of vivid imagery which compliments Foy’s distinct vocals. My favorite part of the track is the bass that enters the song about halfway through–it adds such depth to the song, and sounds absolutely stunning through headphones.

Single Review: “Luna” by Veludo Planes


Veludo Planes is a four-piece alternative/indie band from the south coast of the U.K., made up of members Mike, Sam, Chris, and Ollie. According to their Twitter bio, they describe themselves as “disillusioned 20 somethings with guitars.”

Two of the band mates, Mike and Chris, are identical twin brothers. With a sound similar to The Kooks and Oasis, Veludo Planes have won the hearts of fans across the world through their killer guitar riffs, and gruff, intense vocals that seem to transport the listener back in time through the band’s 90’s-esque style. Veludo Planes have previously supported big names such as Circa Waves, Blossoms, The Subways and Spring King, whilst performing at various UK festivals over the past year. (Photo courtesy of Veludo Planes.)

The group have released quite a few singles, such as: “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” “Wicker Man,” and their most recent,”Luna,” which they’ve paired with a sweet music video just this past week. (I wrote an article an article on this group in July of this past year on RadSound. Check it out here.)

9smlo3xhbquqbvmzy89vmi2tohbwckmkyrpdg3ayn7yI’m loving the metallic, nostalgic sound of this brand new track, “Luna,” and the accompanying raw footage of the group enjoying their time on the road while touring for fans around the U.K. I definitely see big things happening for this band in the near future–their music reminds me a lot of the style of one of my favorite bands of all time, Oasis. Make sure you get on board in supporting this rad group by following their Facebook, Soundcloud and Spotify page!