New Old Favorites

I’ll admit it…sometimes, I’m late to the game. I keep up with current music as much as I can (alongside the artists I already love) but there are times when an older, classic album I’ve heard about for years (but never got around to listening to all the way through) slips through the cracks. I usually end up hearing it much later. Thank goodness for Spotify and its ever-increasing music library. I’m making it my goal this month to listen to one new, old record every week. Come join me on this nostalgic journey, and check out some of my new old favorites below! 🙂

verveUrban Hymns–The Verve

Most people recognize “Bittersweet Symphony,” the iconic earworm (AKA a catchy song that gets stuck in your head) which appears as the first track on this album. With tunes that feature echoey choruses, snippets of electronic zings and guitar harmonics, it’s no wonder why this record is such a classic–it was ahead of its time. Released in 1997, it became the 18th best-selling album in UK chart history. Lately, I’ve been jamming out to “Sonnet,” and “Space and Time” on this record. The song titles themselves on this record are also rad–creative and witty, they each tell a story.

81mwe-cc1vl-_sl1121_Our Endless Numbered Days–Iron & Wine

There are some artists that just seem to whisper into your ear…this is definitely what its like listening to Iron & Wine. Hushed, melodic guitar, and an occasional accompanying guiro (an instrument with a ridged surface that is scraped with a stick for sound) mixed with lead singer Sam Beam’s gentle vocals wraps this record into a little bundle of tranquility. I’m loving “Naked As We Came,” and “Passing Afternoons.” When I listen to this album, I picture warm, orange sun spilling through the blinds, streaming across a carpet on a summer evening.

                                                                  No Need To Argue–The Cranberries

maxresdefaultI’ve loved The Cranberries for as long as I can remember–“Linger” was my anthem in middle school–I’ve grown up listening to the sweet lullaby vocals of lead singer Dolores O’Riordan. This record, No Need To Argue was released in 1994 as the band’s second studio album. It was also the most successful–it sold out over 17 million copies across the world, and is still popular today. My favorite tracks on the album are “Zombie,” (of course–this is one of the band’s most famous songs), “Ode to My Family,” and “Twenty One” (which has an intro similar to “Linger”).  Grungy, deep guitar that is so 90’s-esque fills every dreamy track on this album… its nostalgic and so beautifully Irish. I could easily fall asleep to this one every night.

P.S. I apologize for the lack of posts, lately! Working as quickly as I can to get new content up soon. 🙂