Welcome! My name is Sophie, and I’m a recent graduate from the University of Oregon. I studied public relations, graduated in June 2019, and I now work in music and radio promotions in Portland, OR.

I started A Perfect Playlist in 2014. As a 15-year-old fangirl at the time, I was inspired to create a site that catered to a very specific audience: teenage music/concert fangirls. I was always looking for blogs and websites that explored my niche interests back then, and I never found one that fit. So I launched my own. Now, five years later, my blog has grown and changed with me. While still staying true to my blog’s motto, “indulging music freaks since 2014,” A Perfect Playlist has become a creative outlet for me and a place to connect music lovers across the globe.

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  1. Hey How are you? Is there a way to reach?, my name is Fernanda I’m from Mexico and I liked the article about how to meet your favorite band. I love music too so I love going to concerts, but i haven’t been that lucky to meet the bands I like. I’m going to a twenty one pilots concert this friday and I love their music so I really would like to meet them. So if u have more helpful tips of how to do it, Ill be really grateful 🙂

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