Nina Nesbitt’s “Songs I’m Writing For You” Project


One of my favorite UK female artists, Nina Nesbitt, recently came up with an idea that brings fans even closer to her music. I absolutely love the idea, and I thought I’d write a little blog post about it. I encourage you to check out a few of the songs she recently released for her project “Songs I’m Writing For You.” 🙂 (Photo on the left by Drew Fawkes)

Nina’s idea allows fans to submit personal stories to her, which she then transforms into songs. Fans sent a variety of stories; from breakups, dark/happy times in their lives, and tales of the people and things that mean most to them. Additionally, Nina asked fans to send bits and pieces of details that could help her translate their story into a song, such as memories of particular smells, sensations, colors, and visuals that relate to their experience. I think this is such an incredible way to incorporate the fans into her music–fans will treasure these songs Nina has written for them for the rest of their lives, and I love the idea that she is translating their thoughts and emotions into a song, which is really difficult for people who love music but can’t write their own (like me, haha) to do.

ninaSo far, Nina has released two tracks that were derived from stories submitted by fans: “Ontario,” and “Brisbane.” The titles refer to the places around the world in which the fans live, and where the stories take place. “Ontario” tells the heartbreaking story of two friends who begin to blur the lines between friendship and something more, taking place in a crowded house party where jealousy, lust, and sadness begin to taint their developing relationship. “Brisbane,” however, follows the story of a girl’s close relationship with her aging father. The young girl worries her memories of her father will fade after he has passed, and wonders if she will lose a piece of herself when she loses him someday.

After releasing these tracks, Nina has continued to use this project to give back to her fans. After the release of “Ontario,” Nina put a number of limited edition CDs for sale on her website which were not only all autographed, but also featured a unique lyric from the single written on each of the sleeves.

ninaI just want to take a moment to acknowledge the incredible amount of effort Nina has made over the years in connecting with her fans across the world. She is constantly giving fans the opportunity to be involved in her projects, whether that means helping her write new songs, or submitting pictures of them wearing her merchandise for a chance to be featured on her website. So cool, and such a great way to gain life-long fans.

I’m so excited to see what songs Nina will release next based on fan submissions! In the meantime, though, “Brisbane” and “Ontario” are currently on repeat. Thanks for all the cool things you do for your fans, Nina! 🙂

4 Artists You Should Know About This Summer

Courtney Barnett

The lyrics on Courtney’s most recent album, Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit are truly what make this album one of my favorites for this summer. Every song is frenzy of internal monologue, narrated by her intriguing Australian accent.

As if each song is a train of thought, Courtney sings about the never-ending struggle of wanting to go out to a party but at the same time feeling like she wants to stay home, dealing with the pressure of living up to people’s expectations, and more. One thing I really love about this album is the fact that not every song is about lost love. Courtney sings about unique, everyday situations that pretty much every listener can relate to.


Florence & The Machine

Back in middle school, I used to listen to Florence & The Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” all the time. To be honest, I forgot about Florence for a few years until she released her third studio album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful this May. I loved it right away. The songs are well-written and extremely emotional. It’s obvious that Florence uses music as an emotional outlet to deal with the mental obstacles she faces. My favorite song off the album is “Ship To Wreck.” (Photo by Tony Felguerias)

Florence and the Machine

Saint Motel

My Type is one strong EP. With guitar & trumpet-intense songs that remind you a bit of   Walk The Moon, every song on the EP is worth listening to. This EP truly seems to hold the sound of summer…my two favorites on the album are “My Type,” the most popular, and “Midnight Movies.” If you like old-school-sounding bands like Bleachers and Arctic Monkeys, try Saint Motel! (Photo by Sidestream)



Think Lorde, Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey mixed…with a twist. That’s Halsey, also known as Ashley Frangipane, who’s toured with musical legends such as The Kooks and Imagine Dragons. Her debut album Badlands is set to be released on August 28th, but you can already listen to most of the album on YouTube. Her haunting, unique vocals make each song so fun to listen to. My favorites are “Hold Me Down,” and “Ghost.” I saw her live a few months ago and she was FLAWLESS. (Photo by The Skype Live Studio)


Artists Unplugged


I spend a lot of time browsing YouTube…especially for music. One of my favorite pastimes is finding videos of my favorite singers/ bands covering acoustic versions of their songs. Sometimes, the acoustic version is even better than their studio version. That’s when you know you’ve discovered an artist with true talent! For this post, I compiled a few videos of my favorite artists and their unplugged performances. Check them out below, and tweet me: what songs sound better acoustically? (Photo by Ian Sane)

Taking Over Me –Lawson

Closed Hands Full Of Friends — Foy Vance

Lay Me Down — Sam Smith

Small Bump — Ed Sheeran

Noel Gallagher — Don’t Look Back In Anger

Cherry Wine — Hozier