Obsessed With Music and Concerts? Download These Apps!

Here are my three favorite music and concert apps I have on my phone!

9265655720_30e129e4ee_o(Photo by Nana B Agyei)

BandsInTown This awesome app synces with music on your phone (from your music library, Spotify, and Pandora) and notifies you when an artist you like is coming to your area. My favorite part of this app is the customizable “Concert Cloud.”  It tracks your favorite artists as well as gives you suggestions of upcoming concerts you might enjoy.

rKHISuQO_400x400Spotify Personally, I like this music app more than Pandora. You’re able to pick the songs you want to hear, create playlists, and star songs and albums. You can connect with friends and see what they’re listening to, and check out the playlists they’ve created. My favorite thing about this app is the “genre & moods section.” You can choose what mood or genre you feel like listening to (such as “songs for sunsets,””songs to sing in the shower,” or “deep dark indie,”) and jam out!

orEh-U-wShazam This is the coolest app ever. You know those times when you hear a song on the radio or at the mall and you love it, but you can never find it once you try to Google it at home? Well, in times likes these, Shazam comes to the rescue. When you hear a song you like, simply hold your phone up to the music, open Shazam, tap the screen when it says “touch to Shazam,” and it will instantly find out what song is playing!


Download & enjoy!

3 Secret Concert Venues

Here are three, little-known places where you could see your favorite artist perform up- close!

Radio stations Your local radio station may be hosting an interview with your favorite singer or band while they are in your town, and they will usually perform a few of their songs after the interview. Check Twitter, your local radio station’s website, or call in to the station ahead of time in order to find out how you could get in to see them. Sometimes, there are contests you can enter to get inside the studio, but waiting outside of radio stations after the interview is a great way to meet the artist if you can’t see them perform. Also, check to see if your local radio station has a music venue connected to it that they might sponsor/be involved with. These venues are often small, and require you to win to get in to see a show, but totally worth it!

image I saw the band Midnight Red in October 2013 at a small, acoustic venue connected to my local radio station.

I met Midnight Red outside afterward! Here’s me with Thomas Augusto.

CD and Record Stores If you live near a CD and record store (like Music Millennium), check their websites for information on free, in-store performances. I went to see ZZ Ward and Foy Vance at one of my local music stores, and even got to meet them afterwards! These types of performances are very laid back, and usually a free signing/meet and greet are included!

image I met singer ZZ Ward with my friend at Music Millennium.

Airports This is often a rare place to see an artist perform, but sometimes, bands do a short acoustic show in airport terminals. These types of performances vary: you might need to win to get in, pay, or it could be free. Check Twitter, as well as the airport’s website.

Check out this video of The Wanted performing for fans at the JFK airport here.